Friday, September 18, 2015

The ‘Wait, What?!’ of the Week, September 18, 2015

Last week the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, spoke at a rally in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. The rally was sponsored by the Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun group “Everytown for America.” The purpose of the rally was to shame Congress into passing gun control legislation.

At the event, Gov. McAuliffe brought an armed body guard with him.

Wait. What?! The guy who thinks people should not be able to protect themselves with a firearm, made sure he was protected … with a firearm?!!

Hmm, sounds like typical elitist logic: “It’s OK for me, but not for thee.”

Hey, I’m not saying a state governor should go out in public without a body guard. There are a lot of nuts running around these days. I’m sure the governor can list a lot of good reasons why he should travel with an armed body guard. But there are also a lot of good reasons why non-politicians could use a little protection.

I wonder if Gov. McAuliffe has ever been walking by himself thru a dingy parking garage at night in New Haven or Bridgeport? I wonder if he’s ever had to change a flat tire while in a not-quite middle-class neighborhood in Hartford? I wonder if he’s ever had a drug-addled goofball break into his house at 2 a.m.? These are the kinds of things that happen to non-famous people once in a while. 

Sure, let’s have a sober conversation about gun violence in this country. But just remember one thing: “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

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