Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Time for Believers to be Happy

You’ve all heard the old stereotype about religious church-going people, right? Faithful folks are depicted as dour and sour, waving a Bible in one hand and wagging a finger with the other hand. The stereotype is that people of faith spend their time condemning non-religious people, and often proclaiming that they’re all going to hell in a handbasket. The church-goers supposedly are angry and frustrated, and as H.L. Mencken noted, they have “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

Unfortunately, there have been more than enough judgmental and grim religious people over the years to keep this old stereotype alive. We all probably can think of some relatives who constantly complained about the people who were drinking and carousing and living in sin. It’s almost as if Aunt Gertrude or Uncle Caleb were secretly jealous that other people were having so much carefree fun.
However, as our culture has evolved during the last few decades, something very interesting has occurred. Nowadays, the people who are the most dour and sour, judgmental and grim, are the secular non-believers who never go to church.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the news. Now, please be aware, the media always portrays religious people in a bad light. If you watch TV, you certainly will see plenty of church folks depicted as ignorant and intolerant yahoos. That just goes with the territory. But look closely. These days, which group of people is REALLY angry? Who is vandalizing churches and pregnancy care centers? Who is screaming and throwing temper tantrums in front of the Supreme Court building? Who is smashing windows and splashing paint on priceless artwork? Who is blocking traffic and trying to get someone fired for using the wrong pronouns? It is none other than the so-called liberated secular people. It’s the folks who claim to have broken free from the repressive shackles of organized religion, which makes them the epitome of peace and tolerance. 

Except…. they don’t seem all that peaceful and tolerant these days. In fact, I’d say the old stereotype about moralizing nags now applies to them way more than it applies to church-going folks.

So, at this crossroads in history, it is more important than ever that people of faith show the world that trusting in God really fills a person with joy and contentment, hope and love. 
We’ve been commanded by the Lord Himself to share the Gospel message. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to live a joyful life, confident in the knowledge that God is in charge, and that “all things work for good for those who love the Lord.”

When our daily lives exude peace and forgiveness, despite all the chaos and anger in our modern world, people will become curious. They’ll wonder why we’re so calm in the midst of a cultural storm. This gives us the perfect opportunity to say, “It’s my faith in God. He comforts me.”

We also need to follow another important teaching from Jesus. The Lord said, “Pray for those who persecute you.” It’s impossible to be loving and patient with someone who is verbally – or nowadays, physically – attacking you. That is, it’s impossible without supernatural assistance. But if we remember that every single person – even the purple-haired harridan throwing a brick through a church window – has been created by God and is loved very much by Him, we can genuinely care for that person’s troubled soul. We can then sincerely pray for God Almighty to bless and transform that person.

Things have changed a full 180 degrees in the past couple of generations. It is now the angry secularists who have “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

Therefore, it’s our duty to demonstrate that faith in God can transform a person’s life. We need to show the world that the old stereotype has flip-flopped. It is now believers in the Lord who are having carefree fun. 


  1. Well, well, Mr Dunn is back to atheist/non believer bashing. The first part of this article is a touching sob about how believers are name called and treated badly by secular society.
    Having successfully styled himself as the as the victim Mr. Dunn proceeds to say that non believing non church goers are all dour, sour, judgmental and grim. He then blames them for all art destruction, rioting, tantrum and brick throwing, traffic obstruction, & window smashing. In reality he nor anyone else knows whether the folks doing these acts are religious believers or not. But Mr. Dunn never worries about accuracy. And has no problem slamming and condemning non believers as solely responsible for all of it. His obligation ,per his own religion, to exercise christian charity doesn't get in his way at all. His view is clear. He and other church goers are decent and good people, pitifully picked upon by non believers who are all no good worthless trash. Amen
    Ruth O'Keefe

  2. The Truth:
    Most believers, church going or non church going, & most non believers, atheist or other types are good people trying to live decent ethical lives. The goals being to enjoy a happy life and to help others along the way as well. And to also meet the social responsibilities of the society we live in.
    Non believers are not miserably unhappy and responsible for all the bad actions and situations in the world.
    The world is not divided into the good people who are religious and the bad folks who are not.
    The majority of all people are decent and good and trying to behave well, enjoy life and, when the can, assist others.
    Ruth O'Keefe

  3. I think OMO that it is “better to believe and find out there isn’t, than not to believe and find out there is”.