Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Just Imagine There Is No God

Recently a friend said to me, “Hey Bill, here’s a hypothetical for you: Just imagine scientists are able to prove beyond a doubt that God does not exist. If that happened, what would you do?”

I replied, “Hmm, if that actually happened, I would go to Mass this Sunday and keep praying the Rosary everyday.”
His surprised expression made it clear that I needed to explain. This is what I told him: It’s actually very simple. If it somehow happened that so-called experts proved beyond a doubt that God does not exist, that would mean faith in God is a delusion. Well, for me personally, I would call it a very beneficial delusion. For example, my faith in God has made me sober, more loving and kind, a better husband and father, a more reliable and effective employee, more joyful, more compassionate, and much more optimistic than I ever was before I became a believer.

By the way, I’m far from perfect. But I am way better than I used to be.

While we’re playing this game of “Just Imagine,” just imagine if a pharmaceutical company like Pfizer developed a drug that made people more loving, kind, responsible, joyful, and optimistic. And even better, imagine this new drug had no adverse side-effects. No nausea, no hair loss, no constipation, no rashes, no toenail fungus, no double-vision, no headaches. And no lethargy, apathy, or any other reduction in the person’s drive, initiative, or focus.

If there was such a drug, doctors would be prescribing it to virtually everyone because it would improve the entire nation’s frame of mind, which, if you haven’t noticed, is not in such good shape right now.
If it could be proven that God does not exist, why would I want to go back to those old miserable days when I was a self-centered atheist? (Before you fire off a nasty note, I’m not saying all atheists are self-centered and unhappy. There are plenty of unbelievers who are kind and compassionate. But I wasn’t one of them when I was convinced God was a myth. That’s all I’m saying.)

People delude themselves all the time nowadays in an attempt to feel better. Why would I want to abandon something, even if it was a “delusion,” if it had such a positive impact on my life with no negative side effects?

Here’s some good news: it is impossible for scientists to prove that God does not exist. Science is only capable of making observations and drawing conclusions about natural phenomena. God, by definition, is supernatural, and therefore outside the realm of science. Expecting science to make any useful comment about God would be like using a plastic spoon to pound a nail into a 2 x 4 piece of wood. It is simply the wrong tool.

Now, here is even better good news: God is real. So, we’ll never have to deal with the “Just Imagine” scenario and be faced with the decision of whether or not to continue with a beneficial delusion. 

The very fact that we exist is strong evidence that there is a God. If there is a creature (us), then there must be a Creator (Him). In addition, our ultra complex biological systems, working with perfect precision, are also powerful evidence that we are the product of supreme intelligence and unfathomable design. Do you really think something that is more complicated and intricate than computer software code – DNA molecules, the blueprints of life – just wrote themselves by accident? C’mon, you’re smarter than that!

So, we’ll never have to play “Just Imagine” regarding God’s existence. Science has nothing to say on that topic. Putting your faith in God brings a plethora of good benefits – even more so, since He is real. So, go to Mass this Sunday and pray the Rosary. The positive impact of faith is not a delusion. 


  1. Atheists are not self centered bad people living miserable lives-they are precious, valuable human beings like everybody else

    Religious believers are not better than or more worthwhile than non believers

    Ruth O'Keefe

  2. What Mr. Dunn has done here is a simply an end run move. Clever if deceptive. First he says is only really talking about himself. This then "frees" him up to go right ahead and say the same mean things he always says about atheists. They are self centered, less likely to be kind, loving or reliable....and they live miserable unhappy lives. And of course they are stu- stu stupid for not understanding about DNA... Believers are "smart" enough to get it. The implication is still the same old story. Religious people are good, worthwhile and happy and atheists are bad, harmful to society and miserable. But he can't be called on it because he SAID he was only talking about himself, didn't he?'
    Ruth O'Keefe

    Ruth O'Keefe

    Ruth O'Keefe

  3. Here is a quote from Pope John Paul;

    "Everybody that is just is called to form part of the kingdom of heaven whether they be buddas, Jews, or atheists....as long as they are good"