Thursday, April 9, 2015

‘Attitude of Gratitude’ observation for Thursday morning

I am grateful that I got to know two very special people, both of whom left this world last week. The only thing Don Esthus loved more than imparting knowledge to his students, was receiving knowledge from those students. When I started my current job 13 years ago, he gladly gave me private tutoring sessions to get me up to speed on basic HVAC engineering concepts. He was a gentleman and a giant in the engineering community in central Connecticut, and he will be missed.

The only thing Elyse Paige loved more than her family was her Lord. She battled cancer three different times over the course of 14 years, and she NEVER lost her positive outlook. The reason? She was in love with Jesus, and she knew He was in love with her. During all here chemo treatments, when people would visit her, thinking she needed cheering up, they were the ones who were cheered up. She had (has) amazing faith and joy. One of the original “Sunday Night Bible Study Buddies,” she will be missed. Saint Elyse, pray for us.

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